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About Us

Indian Handicrafts

Rajasthan Artisan

The idea to setup Ethniciti came from our passion to collect handicraft items from across India, with a sharp eye for perceiving the absolute best of the territorial workmanship and crafted works. Our diverse collections included the finest heritage-inspired souvenirs from states of India like Rajasthan & Gujarat. We have a profound understanding into the learning of areas from where the has art orgininated and are quite familiar with the artisans who are behing creation of such marvel art. Believe it or not, but we are great raconteurs when it comes to workmanship!

In our attempt to get the finest art in local markets, we were faced with almost nil access to the best and the learning base was extremely constrained. Discovering no option, we decided to take it upon ourselves to spread the goodwill and the finest keepsakes from all parts of India. Thats where Ethniciti was initiated to bring "Fabulous India" to local markets.

The initial activity has begun as on online store. The aim is to keep a carefully selected range of unique items at first, while we also concentrate in educating our valued customers, generating awareness, encouraging the artisans and advocating the heritage and art that has been confined to the dark areas of obscurity. But that is definitely not the end of story. We would keep pushing ourselves and crossing boundaries to secure the artistic expressions for the future eras while making accessible the items at reasonable prices.

The online store complements our aim in all respects. Every item is painstakingly chosen and meets the strictest rules for quality. We have created a higher benchmark in terms of selecting best in art and quality that gets dictated on procurement, product and service parameters.

Our next aim would be to get Fairtrade Mark and we are actively working towards it.

Hope you would enjoy your stay on our store and would definitely find something which would make your day.

Thanks for stopping by.

Team Ethniciti

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