Are you the one who loves to give gifts to your friends, family and loved ones? And at this time, you are running out of ideas that what should you buy for them? Don’t worry Ethniciti has solved your problem by introducing the Christmas gift ideas for all friends, family and special ones. Ethniciti believes that there is no limit how creative you can become in terms of gifting.

christmas gift collection


So, now relax and sit back, and give some time to read this blog full of Christmas gift ideas.


Metal Dolls with Tea Light Holder


metal dolls


Tea light holders are the most unique and magical gifts, especially for the Christmas and holiday season. This metal dolls holder is a very versatile gift on our list. So, brighten up your friend’s and family’s Christmas with this tea light holder.


  • Mini Chest Ceramic Drawers


mini chest drawer


A mini chest drawer that can be kept at the bedside will help to keep things well organized and in one place. This mini ceramic drawer is a much more compact alternative to any big drawer or table. And this quality makes it a perfect gift for your minimalist family members or friends or anyone who have a relatively small space.


  • Mixed Fragrance Incense Cones


Incense Cones


A pleasant fragrance can change the ambiance of your surroundings. With soothing fragrance, you will feel joyful and relaxed. Since it is Christmas, everyone wants that their house should smell good and feel good. Therefore, gifting your dear ones, a set of mixed fragrance incense cones will add charm and fragrance to their house as well as in their lives.


  • Hanging Lantern


Hanging Laterns


Most of our Christmas decoration is incomplete without the beautiful hanging lantern and light. So, including this into your gift list will be the best thing. Pick up the most beautiful and colourful hanging lantern and help your friends and family decorate their house. They will surely bring a Christmas and holiday season vibe to their house.


  • Diamond Cotton Handloom Throw

diamond cotton throw


Winter season is here and no one wants to compromise their comfort. So, gift your friends and dear ones a stylish diamond throw and help them to keep warm.


Now you have some unique Christmas gift ideas for all family and friends. But Ethniciti believes that there are no rules for gifts. It is all about you and the bond you share with the people. Hope these gift ideas work for you and ease your Christmas shopping this season.

Wish you and your dear ones a wonderful Christmas with love.

Happy Holidays!