1. Pumpkin ceramic knob white crackle

A stunning beautiful range of white crackle pumpkin ceramic knob for your drawers, doors, and cabinets. These knobs are hand painted and are made of ceramic to a high standard. The unique crackle design can easily transform any your cupboard or chest of drawers. The fitting of white pumpkin ceramic knob is quite easy.


pumpkin konbs


  1. Flat round ceramic knob

Hand painted beautiful flat round ceramic knobs. Great choice to upcycle a piece of furniture or bring some dazzling colours in to your house. With the great quality and quantity hand finished ceramic knobs suitable for cupboards, wardrobes, kitchens, bathrooms, and chest of drawers.


Ceramic Kobs 


  1. Black & white mix ceramic knobs

Give a decorative touch to cabinet and doors or drawers with these stunning black and white mix ceramic knobs. These mix colour hand painted ceramic knobs are an appropriate choice for you of you wish to give that fancy artistic makeover to your home by giving natural hint to your furniture. Perfectly suitable for very furniture piece and very easy to fit.



  1. Heart ceramic knob grey crackle

If your are thinking to change your interior but with minimal change, a very easy and fast resource is to change the Heart Ceramic knobs and you will see how the house is completely transformed. Whether your room or your chirldern’s room, these cute heart shape ceramic knob with grey crackle will add a magical touch to the decoration of the room.


Keeping everything in mind Ethniciti has come up with so many designs and options in knobs that will match your house aesthetics and will match your house vibe. These knobs are valid for decorating cabinet door or storage furniture, you can also mix and match or combine various knobs and colours and create your own style and composition according to your choice.